5 Traits of the Perfect Woman

Everyone has an idea of what the perfect woman is. In fact, many people and publications aren’t even afraid to broadcast what they think those ideal physical qualities are.

We are flooded with images and descriptions of what women should look like and we find ourselves crash dieting, piling on the makeup and working our bodies to exhaustion to try and emulate a certain shape and illusion of beauty.

Whether you’re a teenager coming into your own, a mother, an athlete, or an actress, the pressure to fit in to the latest “perfect body type” is overwhelming.

When I was growing up I was constantly told I was too skinny. Countless times, I was actually asked if I had an eating disorder (rude!).

While other girls in high school were bragging about the increasing cup size of their bra, I was silent, hoping no one would ask me about mine.

I specifically remember how excited I would get when someone would refer to me as a “she” or “her”.

They noticed I was a girl!

Nothing made me happier. 

I have been told that although I have a problem, I shouldn’t have breast implants. My girlfriends have told me that I can’t share tops with them because their “boobs won’t fit in my tiny shirts.” I’ve been asked countless times if I buy my jeans in the kid’s section. 

The most absurd thing about these questions and comments is that they all came from other women.

I’m not asking for us to tip toe around each other for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. But I am asking us to be conscious of what we say. And consider, for a moment, why we choose to say these things to each other in the first place.

We should never tear each other down for a false sense of lifting ourselves up.

Because of these comments I have increased my caloric intake, reduced my aerobic activity, and heavily exercised particular parts of my body in an attempt to create a quasi-curvy appearance, the body of a real “woman”.

I have been carrying these judgments around with me for my whole life because they crushed me.  But you know what?

I’m finally ready to let them go.

I cannot change my body type or alter my genetics. I certainly cannot stretch my legs to make me taller and manipulate my shape to suddenly be the “ideal” hourglass.

Whatever words are holding you back from feeling positive and beautiful, pick them up and let them go. Leave them behind you. The first step to a lifestyle change is to leave negativity behind and continue to only look forward from here on.

The bottom line is that the perfect woman cannot be so easily described or categorized.

That is precisely what makes us beautiful.

Perfect women don’t necessarily have

  • Long Legs
  • Flawless skin
  • Small feet
  • Babies
  • Curves

On the contrary, a woman may have all of these traits, or she may have none of them. Women are unique in mind, body, and spirit and we should be celebrated for just that.

Better yet, we should be celebrating each other and lifting each other up.

We forget that we are our own biggest advocates and we are a huge reason why women, young and old, feel self-conscious and inadequate.

The perfect woman has

  • Strength
  • Compassion
  • Empowerment
  • Ferocity
  • Confidence

Real women lift each other up and stand together under the common goal of celebrating what a real woman is.


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